At the Beach

Here is a sketch with watercolor pencil of a father and son at the beach.  I may try a watercolor later.  I need to work on the perspective of the ocean waves, so it won’t look like they’re about to be washed away!

About Marilyn Jacobson

Hi! I'm Marilyn. I'm the woman in the middle picture at the top of the page. Life is such an adventure! Before retirement, I was a Social Worker in a cancer center. I had the priveledge of working with people in all conditions of life: birth, joy, sorrow, conflict, problem-solving, decision-making, end-of-life, reconciliation, hope. After retirement, I discovered I have a talent for portrait painting! My goal as a portrait painter is capturing the personality of people and pets in paintings. I think I'm able to do this because of my Social Work experiences. I have painted many commissions of people and pets, usually from a photograph. If needed, two or more photographs can be combined into one painting. My pictures usually tell a story, or there's a story behind them.... And just for fun, I also create other art in addition to portraits. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them. Capture a special memory or occasion with a beautiful painting!
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